Bob Weeks - If I Die Before I Wake

September 26, 2017

Bob Weeks' message, "If I Die Before I Wake" from September 24th 2017

Bob Weeks - But God I Dont Want To Change

September 26, 2017

Bob Weeks' message, "But God, I Don't Want To Change" from September 17th 2017.

Phil Thorne - A Time for Faith

September 18, 2017

Live recording of Phil Thorne's last message, "A Time For Faith" at Rivers Edge Fellowship Church on September 10th, 2017...

Bob Weeks - Simple Truth

September 8, 2017

Bob Weeks' message, "Simple Truth"

Jayr Robinson - Goliath Must Fall

September 2, 2017

Jayr Robinson's message "Goliath Must Fall" from August 20th 2017